358 - Begegnung in M87
Meeting in M-87
Clark Darlton

The Crest IV has detected the wavefront caused by the Terran rescue mission when it materialized in M-87. They notice a strong gathering of Dumfries spaceships and when they get there, they observe a fight between the servants of the Power of the Centers and the Mooghs. Then they make contact with the Mooghs, who tell them about the Terran rescue mission. The Crest IV is taken to Sel-24 where Rhodan finally makes contact with the rescue team.

As the Terrans get together to discuss the past events and make plans, the Mooghs they have on board notice the interval gun that once belonged to Tro Khon. They suddenly panic, calling the Terrans traitors and attacking them. The Paladin manages to kill them. When Rhodan tells Agen Thrumb about this incident, the Super Engineer smiles and tells him that the interval gun is emitting powerful signals that is most likely leading the Dumfries fleet to the Molak system. Rhodan realizes that the whole system is doomed and Agen Thrumb's thanks do not alleviate his guilt.

A commando attempts to steal two Paratron converters from Sel-24 but the Dumfries fleet arrives in the system before the two devices can be carried on board. The Terrans have to helplessly attend the destruction of Sel-24.

Cedric Beust

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