357 - Die Arenakämpfer
The Arena Fighter
H.G. Ewers

Tro Khon can no longer be controlled and soon, he has to be killed by the Paladin. His body is ejected from the spaceships and the two spaceships quickly flee in hyperspace in order to escape the blue spheres that keep attacking them. The spheres soon gather around the Bi-Conditioned's dead body and a powerful para-energetic explosion ensues.

The Terrans are then contacted by Halutian-like creatures who call themselves Mooghs. The Mooghs, who are descendants from the Beasts, tell the Terrans that they thought they had found Perry Rhodan. They explain to the stunned Terrans that Rhodan recently sent an ultimatum to the Power of the Center. The Mooghs have been fighting the Power and the Super Engineers for decades but they have had to remain in clandestinity until then. The Mooghs are now eager to make an alliance with the Terrans and they take them to Sel-24, the second planet of the sun Molak and one of their main worlds.

The Terrans are soon challenged to fight in an arena in order to prove their might. The Paladin easily prevails and the Terrans retreat in the Halutian ship, wondering if the Mooghs would be worthy allies, considering their barbaric traditions.

Cedric Beust

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