356 - Ein Zeitpolizist desertiert
A Time Policeman defects
William Voltz

The Vega system is overwhelmed by the Dolans and only the Dr Armond Bysisphere, Abel Waringer's assistant, survives and is rescued by the Ultra Cruiser Pasoli. A Dolan makes contact with the Terrans. It's Tro Khon, who has finally gotten rid of his Symbioflex partner. A group of Terrans go on board the Dolan and manage to save the Bi-Conditioned from the poison injected by his symbiot.

Since he defected, Tro Khon defines himself as the "Destroyer of the Old Order". He also tells the Terrans that he knows where Perry Rhodan is. The circumstances in which the Crest IV disappeared (the collision of two paratron shields) usually create a tear in the hyperspace that hurls the participants in the M-87 galaxy. Tro Khon also informs the Terrans that the Bi-Conditioned are almost done designing a weapon that will neutralize the effet of the Terran FpF devices.

Bully decides to repeat the experiment. A rescue mission made of a Halutian cruiser and a Posbi fragment ship gets ready to be teleported. The Posbi ship carries thirty kalups, which should be enough for the stranded Terrans to bridge the thirty-two million light years that separate them from the Milky Way. Although he initially refuses, Tro Khon is forced by Bully to be part of the rescue mission, and the two spaceships, with the Dolan inside the Posbi ship, penetrate in the distortion area created by two paratron shields.

The experiment is a success and the commando rematerializes in the middle of M-87. Immediately, Tro Khon starts behaving out of control. His Dola is ejected from the Posbi spaceship and explodes soon thereafter, victim of the blue radiance.

Cedric Beust

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