354 - Experimente mit der Zeit
Experiments with Time
Clark Darlton

With the help of Jumpy, the Terrans manage to remove the Symboflex partner of Aser Kin. The giant regains his lucidity for a short amount of time but dies soon thereafter from a poison that the symbiot released in his organism before it got removed. Before he dies, Aser Kin manages to tell the Terrans about an imminent Dolan offensive on Vega, where the time experiments that have started the whole war have finally been located.

Since the year 2430, the Akonids have established a secret base on Ferrol, the sixth planet of Vega. Three years ago, they managed to repair the time transmitter of the Masters of the Island and then started a series of time experiments. When the Terrans arrive in the system, they dispatch a commando on the surface. The Akonids fight back by using the time transmitter on the giant cruiser, which is hurled back in time, in 1943. However, the time transmitter is not powerful enough and the Terran cruiser soon returns to the present time.

The Terrans eventually conquer the base and decide to destroy the time transmitter, in an attempt to show their good will to the Time Police.

Cedric Beust

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