353 - Brutstation im Pararaum
Brutstation in the Paraspace
H.G. Ewers

Perish Mokart tries to talk to Aser Kin, but the Bi-Conditioned still refuses to cooperate. A cruiser coming back from the Magellanic Cloud reveals that the Perlians have resumed the war against the Gurrads.

On Old Man, three Halutians have assisted the Terran scientits and have created a hyperspace catapult, which will send a commando into the Paratron arsenal of the Oscillation Guardians. The base turns out to be a breeding place for symbioflex partners. After a tough fight, the Terrans leave a bomb and regain Old Man. The Paratron base has been destroyed, but so has the catapult, thus preventing the Terrans from further attempts.

Cedric Beust

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