350 - Robot-Patrouille
Robot Patrol
K.H. Scheer

On the World of the Hundred Suns, the project Paladin is unveiled: it is a robot in the shape of a Halutian. It is piloted by six Siganese who control it via emotion-aware controls, making the giant extremely fast in its reactions.

At the same moment, Tro Khon sends an impulse in direction of the Para Arsenal. The first Oscillation Power reacts by sending five hundred Dolans. An incident causes Tro Khon's symbiotic partner to relase its control on the Bi-Conditioned, who regains his freedom to think for a little while. Before he can pull his thoughts together, he falls back in power of the small creature.

The Five Hundred Dolans attack the Sol system. Only twenty-two spaceships have been equipped with an FpF device, and the Dolans manage to break through the Terran defenses. Eight Bi-Conditioned land on the Earth and threaten Terrania directly. The Paladin intervenes and helped by Tako Kakuta, the giant robot kills the Bi-Conditioned.

Cedric Beust

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