35 - Im Land der Götter
In the Land of the Gods
Kurt Mahr

Ace title: Planet of the Gods

Perry Rhodan reached the Tatlira system in the STARDUST II. Also on board are Thora of Zoltral and Bully. He wants to bring assistance to the stranded mutants on Goszuls Planet after the debacle.

John Marshall, Tama Yokida, Tako Kakuta and Kitai Ishibashi have fled to the LEV XIV and launched. They landed on an island continent, where they are wanted and hunted by the Springers. In order not to betray themselves by the stray radiation of their transport suits, they need to store and hide then. Then they set off to reach the nearby city Saluntad.

On 27 December 1982, the STARDUST II hyper sensor discovers the Springer ship FRER LXXII flying from a patrol flight back to Goszuls Planet. After Ras Tschubai has put the crew out of action with a gas bomb, Gucky then jumps on the ship, to hide in some equipment. Thus he plans to reach the Springers’ planet undetected.

On their way to Saluntad the group of Terran mutants encountered a local man with his cart, Vethussar Ologon. The local holds the four strangers as gods and agrees to bring them into the city undetected. He turns out to be a more prosperous commercial trader and takes them into his home. The presence of foreigners in Saluntad is noted, however, and the high priest wants to visit them. After the brief visit by the high priest, the mutants immediately recognize that it is a robot, and thus an informer for the Springers.

The high priest Hornbled immediately recognized that the guests of Vethussar are the wanted spies. Together with the Springer Szoltan he forges a plan to bring the dealer into disrepute with false accusations and to force the surrender of his guests. But through the abilities of the Terrans the plan is prevented, and the wrath of the duped crowd is directed against the supposed high priest. The Springer Szoltan is captured.

That same night Vethussar sends them to the merchant ship STORRATA. Captain Fafer is willing and ready to sail immediately after they are on board with their prisoner.

The next afternoon a patrol of the Springers enter the STORRATA. With their parapsychic gifts the Terrans hijack the two patrol vehicles and have Fafer dispose of the captive Springers on the next island. They themselves fly with the captured aircraft to the North Continent. There they meet up with Gucky, who has come with the FRER LXXII to Goszuls Planet and is also pursued by the Springers. They mislead the pursuing Springers repeatedly on the wrong trail in order to gain more time to hide on Goszuls Planet

While Gucky and Tako Kakuta confuse the Springer searchers on the northern continent, John Marshall, with the other two mutants, try to hide in a settlement of Goszuls. They march in a southerly direction. After a several hour march, they encounter a group of Goszuls who are traveling with a car-like vehicle. This will take them into the city Vintina, in whose harbor are three large sailing ships. With the help of the natives they seek out one of the sailing ships, the ORAHONDO, as a hiding place. They note that there are also mutants among the Goszuls who have built a resistance movement against the revered as gods Springers. They offer the mutants their cooperation. After they have sent an update report that to Rhodan, he instructs that they should leave their base on the northern continent.

John E McClure 2015-08-23

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