349 - Die Partisanen von der CREST
The Partisans of the Crest
Kurt Mahr

Rhodan fools Baiwoff by pretending that a Bestian is on board his space base. The bluff is enforced by Melbar Kasom, helped by the teleporters, who performs random acts of sabotage on the space station, which are actually a cover-up while the Terrans scatter paraffin tables in the Druisant's spaceship.

The station resumes its flight and reaches its destination, a transmitter several times the size of the Earth. The transmitter rotates over a concentration of ninety-two giant starts and channels the energy to the center of M-87. Goratchine ignites the paraffin tables and the Crest breaks free. The Terrans capture Agen Thrumb and leave the area. The engineer had an opportunity to leave the Crest but he didn't use it, which makes Rhodan think he could use Thrumb as an ambassador with the Power of the Center, the rulers of M-87.

Cedric Beust

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