346 - Warnung aus dem Jenseits
Warning from the Other World
H.G. Ewers

The Terran scientists establish that it would be impossible to have fitted the Minhau with a Transdim drive on such a short notice. Agen Thrumb explains that indeed, the Authorities of M-87 had decided several weeks ago that they were going to send the Terrans back to their home galaxy, for fear that their presence in M-87 would disturb the fragile equilibrium. The Base Engineer dispatches a group of Blue scientist to help the Terrans adjust the transdim drive.

The Minhau heads for a triple sun system called Parjar where the adjustments must be made. Once they are made, a quick test-drive of the engine is performed. As soon as the engine starts, a recording taped by the head researcher of the original Terran commando is broadcast in the spaceship.

The Minhau has been equipped with a deviced called a dimensional transducer which is aligned on the gravitational constant of the Milky Way. As soon as the Minhau would arrive in the Milky Way, the device would trigger a chain reaction that would cause all the stars in the galaxy to spontaneously self-combust. Kulu realizes that his teleportation on the Minhau was part of a carefully thought out plan by the powers of M-87.

The Terrans evacuate the Minhau and are picked up by Fancan Teik. The Minhau explodes and a blue singularity point is created in the middle of the triple system.

On the fortress, Rhodan and his commando are outnumber by the Dumfries and are forced to surrender to the Base Engineer.

Cedric Beust

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