345 - Verfolgungsjagd im Halbraum
Pursuit in Half-Space
H.G. Ewers

On the Krest, Agen Thrumb demand the extermination of the two Halutians. When he actually meets them, his body suddenly self combusts, along with those of the Tschai Kulu and the snow gorilla Jefferson. Their bodies are sent into space and suddenly, a strange phenomenon occurs: the sarcophaguses start accelerating in the direction of the center of the galaxy. The Krest starts the pursuit.

The pursuit ends in system made of three equidistant suns where a fortress similar to the one in Truuktan is located. The bodies enter the fortree and undergo a regeneration process under the supervision of an Alph. The Base Engineer is revived but the process leaves Jefferson and Kulu in limbo between dimensions. Their bodies start growing at a fast pace and they are eventually teleported back to Firestone, where they meet their originals, which are also growing at a fast pace.

Rhodan's efforts to find the Engineer in the fortress remain fruitless. As Kulu's growth threatens the planet itself and soon, the whole galaxy, the Alpha makes a deal with the Terran: if he stops growing, the Alph will give the Terrans the Minhau, the spaceship he was initially teleported into. But this time, the Minhau will be fitted with a transdim engine, allowing the Terrans to go back to their home galaxy. Kulu accepts.

Cedric Beust

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