342 - Die Bestien sollen sterben
The Beasts must die
Kurt Mahr

Then Icho Tolot and Fancan Teik come back on board the Khrest, the Stone of Detection lights up on the Skovarto's chest, who realizes that Beasts are on board. Asked why the whole M-87 galaxy seems to hate the Halutians so much, the Skovarto explains the past of his race.

Eighty-thousand years ago, the people of M-87 created a new race of androids in an attempt to fight their ennemies. These androids eventually got an intelligence of their own and turned against their creators. They were called Beasts. The Skovars fought hard to defend their galaxy and were almost entirely destroyed during the fight. They managed to find the home planet of the Beasts and exterminated almost of them. The rest fled M-87.

The scientists of M-87 devised a Paratron-based trap that permeated the whole galaxy with a blue radiation that neutralized transdim drives, hence guaranteeing that the Beasts could no longer enter M-87.

Since Rhodan refuses to kill his Halutian friends, the Skovarto demands that his people be brought back to Truuktan. When the Krest arrives on the planet, it is forced to land. The Terrans launch a commando on the fortress and manage to reach its command center, where they briefly meet with its commander. Soon afterwards, the whole fortress takes off from the planet and disappears into space. Rhodan decides not to chase it.

Cedric Beust

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