341 - Der Planetarische Kerker
The Planetary Prison
Clark Darlton

The Khrest, back to Truuktan, receives an SOS from Icho Tolot and Fancan Teik. A rescue mission is sent, which locates the Halutian on a planet orbiting a white dwarf, 61,000 light years away from the center of the galaxy. An energy-depleting device is keeping the Halutians prisoner on the surface of the planet. Tschuba, Pucky and Goratchine teleport on the planet.

They make contact with the Halutians who tell them that the inside of the planet contains thousands of rooms where they found countless skeletons of Halutians. Further investigation reveals that the planet used to be a prison where millions of Halutians were mercilessly executed in a distant past.

Inside the prison, Pucky and Goratchine are sent in the past by a trap, where they witness a rebellion of the Halutians' ancestors against their guardians. These ancestors are referred to as Beasts, and almost all of them were exterminated 50,000 years ago. The commander of the prison detected the presence of the Halutians and reactivated the defense in an attempt to follow its extermination program. The Terrans eventually destroy the commander and neutralize the device that was paralyzing their spaceships.

Cedric Beust

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