340 - Kreuzwege im Kosmos
Crossroads in the Cosmos
H.G. Ewers

During their escape from the fortress, Rhodan, Marshall and the Skovarto are attacked by Dumfries, frog-like creatures who are servants of the masters.

Kulu and the snow gorilla materialize on a planet they call Firestone. Kulu makes contact with an entity called the Alpha, who tells him he's the one who brought them here. Kulu meets an alien called Ramdor who tells him he was also sent here by the Alph, who is afraid for the safety of M-87. After some exploration, Kulu finds a transmitter and enters it. He materializes on board of a spaceship where he meets Ramdor's twin brother, who explains to him that it is impossible to leave Firestone, and that himself and the Terrans are actually duplicates of their original beings, who are still on Firestone.

The spaceship, the Minhau, is of Terran construction. The logs reveal that it was hurled in M-87 in 2321 after an encounter with a one-hundred meter long spaceship. Kulu takes control of the Minhau and sends a message to the Khrest. They finally make contact and Kulu explains to Rhodan that M-87 is littered with hyperspace crossroads that make it possible to switch from one reality plane to the other.

Cedric Beust

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