34 - Levtan, der Verräter
Levtan, the Traitor
Kurt Brand

Ace title: Cosmic Traitor

Since November 25, 1982 a Terran world government finally exists which has long been demanded by Perry Rhodan. He himself was elected administrator. Thus he now officially has the responsibility for the whole planet Terra.

Because the threat from the Springers is still great, Rhodan tried several times to contact IT to obtain more Fiktiv transmitters, but IT denied him access to Wanderer. Apparently, the super-intelligence is confident that Rhodan can avert the danger with the resources he has available. But who knows, for the time being IT has no advice.

The Levtan outcast of the Clans of Springers appears in the vicinity of the Sol system. Lured by the activities of Etztak and Orlgans at Beta Albireo, the pariah senses the opportunity to earn a reentry into the Springer Clans. In this case pretty much every means he is right.

The CENTURIO, the third heavy cruiser of the TERRA-class stops Levtan’s ship and brings it to Terrania. The sneaky Springer first attempts to achieve a mutually beneficial trade, but before he is able to carry out a deception, the Mutant Corps quickly ‘pull his teeth’. They expose his treacherous attitude. Intimidated, he is now free but his valuable information is that the Springers are gathering on Goszuls Planet in the Tatlira system for a general assembly in order to adopt measures against the Third Power.

Perry Rhodan now sees his chance to deny the Springers access to the Earth by a ruse, and he starts the operation “Galactic Move”. He wants Levtan equipped with carefully crafted bogus misinformation about Terra’s military strength and then to send him to this conference. In addition, the mutants John Marshall, Tama Yokida, Tako Kakuta and Kitai Ishibashi, masquerading as crew members, are also infiltrated on to Goszuls Planet.

They have the task of supporting with their para-abilities Levtan’s credibility when he presents the misinformation. In addition, they are to delete the position of the Sol system stored on the positronic data systems of the Springers. This plan is not completely possible because a special backup also exists in the spaceship of Topthor of the Mounders. Tako Kakuta achieves the bypass by swapping the position of Sol with the similar number combination of Betelgeuse. Levtan’s onboard computer is destroyed by the suggestively influenced pariah himself.

John E McClure 2015-08-23

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