339 - Die Kammer der tausend Schrecken
The Room of a Thousand Terrors
H.G. Ewers

Tschubai and Kulu find shelter in a cave, where they meet a snow gorilla who seems to possess telekinetic powers. Suddenly, Kulu and the gorilla disappear in front of Tschubai's eyes. Kulu and his companion have been teleported on a different level of reality, and they keep being bounced into different places until they end up on a planet that seems to be close to the center of M-87, since the radiance is a lot stronger here. The planet, which they baptize Flare, seems to be an important control center.

On Truuktan, Marshall and Rhodan befriend a Kobalt who tell them about the masters of M-87, called the Builders of the Center. A long time ago, the Builders assigned tasks to the various races in M-87 in order to achieve a maximum efficiency, but this organization has been falling apart recently. Marshall locates the Skovarto in a nearby cell and they make contact with him. He looks a lot like a Halutian and agrees to cooperate with the Terrans when he learns that all his people came with them.

The Skovarto explains that the Skovars used to be the soldier cast of M-87 but they have now been replaced by another race, the Kurlux. The Skovars Rhodan met are the Skovarto's elite soldiers, which he sent away in an attempt to save them.

After going through the room of a thousand terrors, where they have to face powerful illusions, the Terrans and the Skovarto attempt to escape from the fortress.

Cedric Beust

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