337 - Kontakte mit Unbekannt
Contact with the Unknown
William Voltz

The Khrest IV arrives in the vicinity of a giant red sun, where they received a weak signal. A fleet of three thousand wrecked old ships are orbiting around the sun, connected with each other. Rhodan inspects the ships, which are infested with vroons, small animals that live off whatever is left of the spaceships.

Rhodan meets five aliens, who call themselves Skovars. After clearing up an initial misunderstanding, the Skovars tell their story.

Three hundred years ago, their supreme commander -- the Skovarto -- sent the fleet around that sun but they never heard back from him. Soon infested by the vroons, the spaceships were quickly incapacitated. Unable to fly back home, they settled there. A few days ago, they received a very weak signal from their commander, coming from a place twenty thousand light years from here. They tried to reply but the signal isn't strong enough to overcome that distance.

Rhodan offers to the four hundred survivors to take them to the Skovarto with the Khrest IV.

Cedric Beust

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