335 - Drei gegen OLD MAN
Three against Old Man
H.G. Ewers

Still trapped on Triton, the two Oxtornians meet Ilya Malume, a Terran pilot who crashed on the moon during the fight with Old Man. The three men decide to try to break into Old Man, using the Lemurian weapons that they just found in the adandoned city.

Inside Old Man, as they are being cornered, Rog Fanther's brain emerges from the confusion it had been kept into by the hypnocrystals. It triggers a device meant to eliminate all the non-human creatures on board. Malume and the two Oxtornians are spared, and they take control of the giant star base.

Using recordings in the central command, the three men learn the history of Old Man. During the war against the Masters of the Island, the supply ship Dino III was sent 50,000 years in the past in order to deliver linear engines to Perry Rhodan, so that he could come back to the Milky Way. Since Rhodan and the Khrest III had jumped 500 years ahead in time, the Dino III never found them. While a shuttle left on a relativistic flight in order to catch up with the current time, the rest of the Dino III ended up on the planet of the Walkers. There, they started building the giant base, task that took 40,000 years.

Cedric Beust

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