334 - Im Arsenal der Giganten
The Arsenal of the Giants
William Voltz

As the fights between Old Man and the Terran forces rage, Tro-Khan heads out of the solar system. The Wyoming sets pursuit and Tako Kakuta and Felmer Lloyd manage to teleport on board the Dolan, using the fact that Tro-Khan is keeping his paratronic shield down in order not to be destroyed by the DpF cannon.

On board, Lloyd is contacted by Camaron Olek, the terran navigator who was kidnapped by Tro Khan and is now part of the Symposium. Olek tells the Terrans that they are headed for the Bi-Conditioned headquarters, a paratronic bubble established in the middle of hyperspace.

Once the Dolan has entered the bubble, the Terrans explore it and discover that ten thousand Bi-Conditioned are being maintained in stasis. Olek takes control of the Dolan and takes off with the Terrans on board. When he threatens to blow a hole in the paratronic bubble, Tro-Khan realizes that he has to let them go.

Cedric Beust

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