333 - Das Meer der Träume
The Sea of Dreams
Kurt Mahr

The Terrans have figured out that the Bi-Conditioned must have materialized on Neptune. A rescue ship is sent on the planet, led by Don Redhorse. The other five Bi-Conditioned establish a blockade around Neptune, hoping to recover their compatriot when the Terrans head back.

In the meantime, Mory Abro asks Reginald Bull to come to Last Hope, the former main planet of Iratio Hondro's empire. Bull meets with Abel Waringer who shows him the factories they built on the planet, pioneering the new inventions that have appeared over the past years in the Terran empire. Waringer has invented a new weapon called the DpF cannon, a frequential disruptor meant to destabilize the Bi-Conditioned's paratronic shields. Bull has the new cannon fitted on his spaceship and heads back to Earth.

They arrive just in time as the Terran commando is taking off from Neptune with Aser Kin on board. The new cannon is a success and a Dolan is destroyed. The other Bi-Conditioned flee in disarray.

Cedric Beust

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