332 - Kampf um den Neptunmond
Fight on the Neptune Moon
H.G. Ewers

Two Oxtornian researchers, Cronot and Perish Mokart, are conducting research on Triton in an ancient Lemurian city. They discover a ball that contains the sould of Einaklos, a Lemurian architect who died fifty thousand years ago. Old Man arrives in the Solar System and starts attacking Neptune and its moons. The surface of the moon is devastated and the two men are trapped underground.

The Mokarts decide to capture a Bi-Conditioned. They lure Aser Kin in the subterranean city and manage to immobilize him using Lemurian traps hidden in the city. As Aser Kin's compatriots are closing in on them, they are forced to send the prisoner through a transmitter to an unknown destination.

Cedric Beust

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