330 - Ein Mann wie Rhodan
A Man like Rhodan
William Voltz

With Old Man heading toward the Earth, the only way to avoid a planetwide panic is for Rhodan to speak publicly. The secret services kidnap an engineer called Heiko Anrath who is known for his close resemblance to Rhodan. Anrath is trained intensively and finally addresses the Terran population.

Erwyn Grichert, one of Rhodan's opponents, says that the man is an impostor, based on an emergency message that was sent by a Terran spaceship in the Magellanic Cloud before it was destroyed. However, he can't convince anyone, since Old Man chooses this moment to attack the Earth.

A Dolan takes off from Old Man and heads toward the Earth. After several unsuccessful attempts, the combined firepower from the Earth defense grid manages to destroy it.

Cedric Beust

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