328 - Die Flotte der gläsernen Särge
The Fleet of the Glass Coffins
William Voltz

As unrest is growing among the Khrest IV, the scientists try to understand the stream of small blue spheres that are flying past them, coming from the center of the galaxy. Suddenly, two thousand small objects materialize around the Khrest. One of them is brought on board: it is a coffin containing a dwarf. As soon as the humanoid is awakened, he teleports. Marshall has barely the time to perceive a strong hostility coming from him.

The dwarf unleashes chaos through the Khrest, sabotaging everything. He is upset because he expected to rematerialize in heaven. The Terrans manage to capture him, but he dies before he can answer questions. They soon discover what his actual plan was: he poisoned all the water tanks of the Khrest IV.

Cedric Beust

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