327 - Die vier Unheimlichen
The Four Terrifying Ones
K.H. Scheer

Rhodan decides to attack Old Man, now completely under the control of the five Dolans. In the middle of the fight, Atlan, Danton, Kasom and Masut teleport on the Khrest IV but they never reach their destination. The Terran firepower is unable to break through the paratronic field that is now erected around Old Man. Tolot deploys his own paratronic shield and, together with the Khrest IV, they open fire on Old Man. Suddenly, a breach opens and both spaceships disappear.

The two spaceships materialize in a galaxy soon identified as M-87, thirty million light years from their initial position. The shock of the two paratron shield caused them to be sucked into hyperspace where a galactic beacon, a cosmic stream emitted by the center of M-87, attracted them to their current location.

Four unusual hyper-radiations are detected on board the Khrest, soon identified as the four missing men. They manage to reintegrate their bodies and materialize aboard the Khrest IV.

Cedric Beust

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