326 - Gucky und der Golem
Gucky and the Golem
Clark Darlton

Old Man is still in Navo-North, under the control of Tro-Khon, soon joined by three Dolans. Pucky decides to teleport on the surface of one of them before he lands on Old Man.

Once on the Dolan, Pucky contacts its pilot, called Aser Kin, who lets him in in. Pucky tries to explain the situation but one more time, the Guardian isn't convinced and sends out forces to capture Pucky. The mouse-beaver manages to escape by teleporting himself, but he knows he can't do that forever, and the Paratron shield prevents him from leaving the spaceship.

Then Pucky materializes in the room where the bodies of the seven operators are kept. He quickly understands the importance of this room for the Dolan and after threatening him to destroy the bodies, Aser Kin is forced to open up the Paratron shield. Pucky leaves the spaceship and is picked up by a Terran cruiser.

Cedric Beust

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