325 - Das Zeitexperiment der Verbannten
Time Experiment
Kurt Mahr

Icho Tolot and Fancan Teik arrive on the planet Pfranat, where they are trying to investigate the origin of the Gurrads. The planet is devastated and the Halutians soon find a building protected by what they identify as a paratronic field. Inside, they find themselves in an isolated bubble where time is going ten times faster. They are soon attacked by Gurrads.

On the Khrest IV, a mathematician tells Rhodan and Atlan about their latest discovery: the reason why the Time Police is after the Terrans is not the time jump they made through Vario, but rather the 500 year ahead time jump that Rhodan made subsequently when he was trying to get back into the present. Shortly after, Rhodan finally realizes that Roi Danton is nobody else than his son, Michael Rhodan.

The Terrans receive the emergency signal sent by Icho Tolot before the Halutians entered the paratronic bubble. The Terran fleet heads for Pfranat where they soon discover the increasingly instable bubble, which finally bursts open. The Halutians emerge and report the information they gathered: four hundred years ago, the Gurrads were making their first experiments with time traval, which caused the Second Frequential Power to step in and to destroy their civilization.

Cedric Beust

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