324 - Im Nichts gestrandet
Stranded in the Void
Clark Darlton

In Navo-North, the Khrest keeps a close watch on Old Man, which is under control of the hypno-crystals. Felmer Lloyd has been behaving strangely over the past days, and when he finally collapses in violent pain, the doctors find out that he has been infected by a small creature called a Bleep. The Bleep has been installed on the mutant by Tro-Khon and it spies on the Terrans every move. Pucky manages to capture it.

A Dolan materializes near Old Man, who attacks it right away. The Terrans decide to side with him, trying to prove him they are not enemies. Tro-Khon manages to land on Old Man and once there, he takes control of the giant base. Pucky tries to teleport on the base but he lands on a spaceship from Old Man, which is then set on an automatic course toward a planet.

On this planet, Pucky meets the Brels, who were once sentenced by the Frequential Guardians because of the native ability to travel through time. After a quick trip back in time to meet a famous Brel astronomer, Pucky manages to find where the planet is located and then heads back toward Navo-North.

He arrives there as Old Man starts sending out his fleet to attack the Terrans.

Cedric Beust

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