323 - Die Zeitpolizei
The Time Police
William Voltz

Icho Tolot and Fancan Teik meet Perry Rhodan and let him know that they have uncovered information about the Magellan Cloud. 70,000 years ago, a hundred Halutians left on an exploration mission into Magellan and never made it back. The only thing left from them was a message saying "Banned forever in the kingdom of the First Frequential Power".

Near Modula, the Terrans finally uncover the Dolan and engage him. The Terran fleet is destroyed within minutes by a powerful weapon fired by the Dolan, later dubbed Vibration Cannon. A few spaceships escape and report to Rhodan, who arrives shortly thereafter.

Icho Tolot and Fancan Teik engage the Dolan, using their own advanced paratron field, and the two spaceships seem to reach a statu quo, unable to pursue the hostilities without risking mutual destruction.

Rhodan establishes contact with Tro-Khon, but his attempts at explaining that the time infraction was actually committed by the Masters of the Island are met by a deaf ear. The Guardian is here to punish the Terrans, and he will carry out the sentence.

Cedric Beust

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