322 - Ein Gigant erwacht
A Giant Awakens
William Voltz

After the defeat of the Perlians, a signal is emitted and causes the awakening of a creature buried under the ice on Modula. The creature is called Tro-Khon and he is a Bi-Conditioned, also called Frequential Guardian. His spaceship is a semi-organic structure called a Dolan, piloted by seven operators who are actually the consciences of aliens kidnapped by Tro-Khon.

Tro-Khon knows that the Perlians have been defeated, and as he is trying to take off, he realizes that the operator #1, who is in charge of astronavigation, died during the hibernation process. Tro-Khon detects a nearby Terran spaceship and chooses a crewmember called Camaron Olek as futur operator.

The Terran spaceship is lured toward the Dolan and destroyed without any trace. Olek is captured and brought inside the Dolan, where he receives his new assignment. Olek cannot resist the psychic influence of the Dolan and is forced to comply, becoming a member of Tro-Khon's crew.

Cedric Beust

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