317 - Terror auf dem Kristallplaneten
Terror on the Crystal Planet
Kurt Mahr

A Terran fleet is sent to Navo-North, a red giant located at 137,000 light years from the Magellanic Clouds. Navo-North is twenty light years away from the Keegan system, where Rhodan has decided to launch an offensive against Danger I.

A commando made principally of robots is dropped on the planet. It is commanded by three Terrans, all immune to the radiations emitted by the hypno-crystals. Their progression through the planet is being observed by a Perlian and a General, who don't seem to be intimidated at all by the deployment of forces.

Aboard the ships, the radiations are beginning to affect the whole crew and a catastrophe is barely avoided when the pilots realize that the whole fleet is being attracted by the planet. If they had entered a closer range, the whole crew would have fallen under the influence of the crystals. The fleet retires to a safer distance.

On Danger I, the commando progresses through several hypnotic traps and finally enters the command center. The issues are sealed shut and the three Terrans realize that they are trapped. They decide to explore their prison and find numerous skeletons, proof that the Perlians have been exploiting Terrans and other races to mine the crystals. Threatened by electrical shocks, the Terrans realize that they will soon have to comply to the orders from the Perlians.

A robot notices a glitch in its visual sensors and discovers a passageway leading through a fake wall. The commando follows the path and reaches the main control of the base. They destroy it and suddenly, the crystal radiations are unleashed upon the base, killing instantaneously all the Perlians and Generals living there.

The whole operation has been observed by Gurrad spaceships, who disappear shortly after the base has fallen within Terran hands. At the same moment, Old Man leaves the system of Jellico for an unknown destination.

Cedric Beust

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