316 - Der Sprung ins Verderben
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Clark Darlton

A spacehsip loaded with hypno-crystals, the I-13, leaves from the Keegan system and heads for Old Man, in the Milky Way. The order to destroy it is sent to the fleet in Jellico. Ras Tschubai, Pucky and his son are assigned the delicate mission. A violent explosion shakes their spaceship when they teleport.

Ras Tschubai materializes on an unknown planet. The time there is going several times slower than normal. Even though the initial timer of the atomic bomb he's carrying now shows twelve hours left instead of just one, Ras is worried that the bomb will cause irreparable damage to the mysterious planet. He makes contact with a tribe of aliens but before he can actually solve the riddle, he is hurled back to his destination. He materializes in deep space, dangerously close to Jellico. The star begins to attract the helpless African.

Pucky is paralyzed shortly after he has materialized on the I-13 and his son remains the only hope of the commando to blow up the spaceship. Jumpy sets up the bombs and, taking his father with him, returns on the Terran spaceship. The I-13 is destroyed and Pucky starts looking for Ras Tshubai. He finds him and rescues him just as the African was about to die from the heat.

Cedric Beust

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