315 - Kreuzfahrt durch Magellan
Journey through Magellan
H.G. Ewers

The Gurrad drop-ship leaves Modula with the Terrans on board. Roi Danton follows the gurrad fleet with the Francis Drake and twenty other spaceships. On board, Rhodan communicates with the Gurrads through a device that visualizes thoughts. Although the rebels are not hostile toward the Terrans, they still don't trust them completely.

As the Gurrads advance deeper in the Magellanic Clouds, the fleet scatters away, making it impossible for Roi Danton to locate the ship where Rhodan and his men are located. They eventually land on a planet which they call First Stop. There, the Gurrads start questioning them again. The Francis Drake arrives shortly thereafter on First Stop and rescues Rhodan and his men.

Cedric Beust

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