314 - Chaos über Modula
Chaos on Modula
H.G. Ewers

As the attacks from the Gurrads on Modula become more intense, the Perlians decide to evacuate the crystals that have already been treated. Four of them take off and are loaded on the four hyper-cruisers sent by Old Man. Perry Rhodan takes the lead of a commando and lands on Modula in an attempt to rescue the major Hohle and his team.

On the planet, they meet with the Wingas, a race of bird-like creatures who live in a separate dimension. The Wingas give the Terran an egg as a gift and the command is then safely brought back to Modula after a friendly conversation with the strange aliens. Rhodan finds Hohle and the two groups of Terrans find shelter in a Gurrad drop-ship. Shortly thereafter, the ship takes off.

Cedric Beust

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