313 - Im Lager der Löwenmenschen
In the Camp of the Lion Men
William Voltz

In the aquatic City, the Terrans are shown movies by the Perlians, confirming that they consider themselves as some sort of police and that they have come to the Milky Way to punish its inhabitants for some unspecified crime. Then the Terrans are locked up. They manage to escape and go back to the surface. There, they observe the process under which the crystals gain gain hypnotic power through exposition to a radiation.

In the jungle, the Terrans discover a camp of prisoners. They are called Gurrads and are the builders of the drop ships. They used to dominate the Magellanic Clouds until the Perlians arrived and started chasing them, assisted by the Generals and by the hypno-crystals. The Terrans contact the Gurrads who eventually understand that they have found potential allies.

Still in orbit, the Terran forces observe the arrival of a fleet of five hundred drop ships that attack the surface of Modula II. The Terran commando uses the ensuing confusion to send their report to Rhodan, who now understands that Modula II is being attacked by the Gurrad rebels. Short of having the necessary firepower to intervene, the helpless Terrans observe the two camps fight in the Modula system.

Cedric Beust

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