312 - Das Geheimnis der Regenwelt
The Secret of the Rain World
William Voltz

In the Keegan system, the Terran fleet witnesses a surprising scene : eighty drop ships are attacking the second planet. The commander of the Terran forces concludes that there are two different people piloting those ships, and that they are obviously at war.

Six hundred light years away, the Khrest IV and the Francis Drake follow the four spaceships from Old Man to a system made of two planets. The second one, baptized Modula II, is covered by a thick forest and it is clearly the goal of the four spaceships. Rhodan discovers that the crystals collected from Danger I are harmless. They need to be exposed to a certain radiation on Modula II before they gain their hypnotic power.

A commando led by Felmer Lloyd lands on the planet. The mutant is able to read thoughts from aliens they had never met before. They call themselves Perlians, or also "Tri-Conditioned", and Lloyd learns that they play the role of some kind of police. They are flooding the Milky Way with hypno-crystals as a punishment, but Lloyd is unable to understand the reason for their actions.

The Perlians have a physical particularity : a third eye in the middle of their forehead that sees one tenth of a second in the future. The Terrans are captured by the Perlians and taken to an aquatic city.

Cedric Beust

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