311 - Tödliche Fracht nach Danger I
Deadly Cargo for Danger I
Kurt Mahr

Roi Danton and two mutants have been forced to paralyze Rhodan and another non-mutant in order to protect then from the hypno-crystals. The protective net-helms work well but somehow, their vibrations can be easily detected. During one of his explorations of the spaceship, Danton is attacked by aliens he calls "Generals", because they carry a strange device on both their shoulder. The object contains some kind of liquid and later, Danton finds out that the alien lives in symbiosis with it.

The drop spaceships, followed by the Khrest IV and the Francis Drake, arrive in the vicinity of a planet which they call Danger I. The albedo of Danger I yields very different values, and the Terrans soon understand why : countless crystals orbit it, causing the changing reflection.

The Terrans destroy the main crystal on board and take control of the alien spaceship, which moves with hyperspace transitions, an antiquated method of traveling. They are soon rescued by Atlan. An analysis of Danger I reveals that new crystals keep taking off from the surface of the planet and settle in orbit. There, they are turned into clouds by the drop spaceships and then aspired by them, before heading back to Menchos.

Cedric Beust

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