310 - Das Geschenk der Zeitreisenden
The Gift of the Time-Traveler
Clark Darlton

Using the same means as Keegan and Menchos, Pucky and his son, Jumpy, are taken aboard Old Man through one of its cargo spaceships. Pucky detects the same suffering mental vibrations from one of the commandants as he did before. He discovers a secret room where he learns the secret of Old Man.

In this room, a brain is connected to the rest of Old Man. Pucky thinks it is the brain of Rog Fanther, the former commandant of Old Man. The crew had managed to keep itself alive through their brains. However, something went wrong and the power changed hands. First, to the positronic brain of Old Man, and then to the hypno-crystals.

Pucky is contacted mentally by the hypno-crystals.They make it clear to him that they want to enslave the Terrans, who turn out to be perfect hosts to them. They offer Pucky to join them. The mouse-beaver refuses and explains that the Terrans will never willingfully give up their freedom.

Cedric Beust

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