31 - Der Kaiser von New York
Robot Threat: New York
W.W. Shols

The STARDUST 2 materializes in the Solar System and lands on the Earth. The home planet is in chaos because of the robots which have been secretly reprogrammed by the Springers to act as spies. Rhodan and his men take action after 22:00 hours to deactivate all the robots in Terrania City since at that time of the night only around 10% of them are in use and, thus, there will be little impact on the essential services of the city. The programming of all the service and combat robots is erased. By dawn, all is finished but Rhodan is worried because everything seems to be going along a little bit too easily.

His worries are soon justified. On that same morning, the robots unleash a massive attack in Terrania City. One realizes that the Springers modified the First Law of Robotics so that the robots now do not hesitate to attack humans. While the Third Power mobilizes all its armed forces, Tako Kakuta leaves to look for the mutant Ivan Ivanovitch Goratschin, the “Igniter”, who is capable of destroying the robots utilizing his unusual mental powers.

The robots in Terrania City are finally defeated after a massive counter-attack by aircraft, tanks, and mutants. But the chaos spreads to the whole world. Mercant informs Rhodan that the robots instituted a monarchy in New York City.

A robot-secretary proclaims itself emperor of New York and attempts to seize Homer G. Adams. It is destroyed thanks to Rhodan but another robot takes its place. The torso of a robot is recovered while all available means are expended to put an end to the revolt of the robots in New York City and elsewhere around the world.

The STARDUST 2 intercepts an encoded message. Thanks to the captured robot Rhodan learns that Orlgans has given the order to initiate plan SZ-7. The message is emitted from Titan, a moon of Saturn. The STARDUST 2 immediately takes off for Titan and is confronted by the K-1, an auxiliary craft also known as a “guppy”, which has been missing for several weeks. They land on Titan and take control of a secret Springer base where they rescue some of the original Terran crew of the K-1 who are in bad medical shape. The STARDUST 2 pursues the K-1 to Venus and destroys it. On Earth, the robots are finally defeated and destroyed.

*Note: The title "Robot Threat: New York" is the American edition Ace Books Title. The German Title is "The Emperor Of New York".

Michael Mahoney 2009-01-21

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