308 - Grüner Mond über Jelly-City
Green Moon over Jelly-City
William Voltz

Old Man, surrounded by its impenetrable green SH field, is still orbiting Jelly-City. On the planet, everyone is under the influence of the hypno-crystals, except two men, Keegan and Menchos. They have reached the conclusion that their immunity comes from working closely with howalgonium. They want to communicate this information to Perry Rhodan but are afraid that they might be caught if they try.

Roi Danton offers to Perry Rhodan a new device, called a linear tracer, which allows them to track spaceships in linear space. In exchange, Rhodan grants the Free Traders the planet Ruby, and also agrees to recognize the LFT as an official entity.

Four spaceships sent by Old Man land on Jelly-City. They are loaded with green crystals and take off. Keegan and Menchos get on board and realize that the four spaceships are headed toward the Magellan Clouds. They manage to reach the hypercom and send a message to Rhodan summarizing their findings. Unfortunately, they are discovered shortly thereafter and killed by the crew.

Cedric Beust

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