307 - Die Macht der Gläsernen
The Power of the Crystal
K.H. Scheer

Roi Danton meets with Atlan in the Dawn sector. The leader of the Free Traders is informed of the current situation of the Omaso and offers his help. Atlan tells him that they haven't heard back from the Omaso since it received the order to destroy the green crystal. The two men head for the last known position of the Omaso on board the Francis Drake.

When they arrive there, they receive the SOS sent by the three men and rescue them, but the Omaso is nowhere to be found. Danton offers to help with a new device designed by his scientists which allows to trace a spaceship in the linear space. In exchange, he asks the ownership of Ruby, the planet where the Free Traders have been mining howalgonium over the past years and which was recently discovered by the Terrans.

Atlan accepts, wondering where Danton got all these scientific discoveries from. He doesn't know yet that it's none else than Abel Waringer, Danton's brother in law, who is supplying the Free Traders with all these inventions.

The Omaso is soon located. Rather than destroying the battleship and thus killing more that one thousand people, they decide to use a trick. The Francis Drake pretends to have been heavily damaged and a small crew of so-called survivors board the Omaso. Then a powerful sleeping gas is spread throughout the spaceship, disabling everybody on board.

The crew is safely rescued and then the Omaso is destroyed. The latest thoughts coming from the crystals show a boundless rage and hate against the Terrans as the crystals realize that their plan has failed.

Cedric Beust

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