306 - Keine Rettung für Schlachtschiff OMASO
No Rescue for the Battleship Omaso
Conrad Shepherd

The Battleship Omaso has been following the green crystal in space for more than three weeks when it receives the order from Perry Rhodan to destroy it. The commander of the Omaso decides to investigate the crystal before complying to the order. A shuttle is sent on its surface and its crew quickly succumbs to the psychic attacks.

The shuttle returns to the Omaso, carrying a large quantity of hypno-crystals and soon, the entire battleship is under control of the crystalline agent. The twenty shuttles are taken out of the battleship and destroyed. The crystal then splits itself in twenty fragments, each one occupying a shuttle bay.

Three men have resisted the psychic influence of the crystal and they leave the ship in an escape pod. The pod is taken under fire but eventually escapes. The three men send an SOS as their spaceship start drifting in space.

Cedric Beust

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