302 - Gestatten, Gucky und Sohn!
Pucky and Son
Clark Darlton

Rhodan's daughter, Suzan, has been making trips to an unknown destination lately. Intrigued, Mercant asks Pucky to investigate. The mouse-beaver and his son go to Plophos, where Suzan and her mother are spending some time. Despite his efforts, Pucky cannot find anything interesting. He can't even read their thoughts, which puzzles him.

Rhodan contacts him and tells him about Old Man. He wants the mouse-beaver to come back to Earth immediately. Pucky complies but instead of heading for the Earth, he decides to try and hijack a spaceship from Old Man. He sets course for the Dawn sector and teleports with a commando on board of an isolated spaceship, III-696.

The positronic of the spaceship notices their presence and sends armies of robots to kill them. Surprisingly, Pucky and his son are left unharmed by the robots. They reach the command center. As Pucky is trying to find a way to deactivate the automatic pilot, he finds a note on the console. It reads "Welcome, friends" and gives instructions on how to deactivate the computer. There is also the picture of someone, obviously a Terran. Pucky obeys the instructions and all the robots freeze.

They bring back the captured ship on Earth where the scientists confirm that it was built on the same model as the galactic class ultra-cruisers the Empire uses nowadays.

Cedric Beust

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