3004 - Der Vital Suppressor
The Vital Suppressor
Christian Montillon

On board the True Faith, Kondayk-A1's ship, Giuna's husband, Lanko, has still not woken up from his coma, and Dr Spand is now thinking this might be due to the fact that Lanko is no longer being subjected to the Vital Suppressor. He suggests they should head back on Way Out, the prison planet, and see if Lanko's health will improve when exposed to the Vital Suppressor again.

On the Bjo Breiskoll, Rhodan explains to Zemina Paath that because of his cell activator, he cannot head straight for the Sol System or he will be detected immediately. However, recent communications indicate that a new planet is present in the solar system, but Rhodan knows little about it. Zemina's Paau then projects a map of the Milky Way emphasizing the presence of hypersexta energy, and Rhodan notices a bright spot about 5,000 light years away from their current position. That point is located in the Afallach system, in the middle of the Ocean of Stars. Studying the location more closely, Zemina tells Rhodan this is where a Cairan prison planet is located, called Way Out.

Rhodan makes way to the prison planet and lands on it on a solo mission. He makes contacts with prisoners and learns that there are more than one Vital Suppressor in action, since one would not be enough to cover the entire planetoid. He finally comes across Kondayk-A1 and his crew and unites forces with them. He learns that they are part of the NDE, the successor to the Terran League Service.

After intense fights, they finally locate the Vital Suppressor, a spinning ring that is powered by a heavy hypersexta crystal. They notice that the energy absorbed from the prisoners is not discarded but collected, and they find a central station running the Vital Suppressor operations run by a single Cairan called Patphan Dasdoid. When Rhodan asks him what all this vital energy is collected for, the Cairan refuses to answer. All they can learn from him is that the Cairans call the hypercrystal "Macairun". The crew retreats to the Bjo Breiskoll, with Lanko finally waking up from his coma.

Cyprian tells Rhodan he's going to send a message to Reginald Bull in the Ephelega system, but that it will take a couple of weeks to get a response.

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