3003 - Das Triumvirat der Ewigen
The Triumvirate of the Eternals
Michael Marcus Thurner

As Rhodan is getting ready to head for the Ephelegon system to connect with Reginald Bull, the Bjo Breiskoll receives a distress signal from an old UFO spaceship. They find an abandoned spaceship called the Gamaram Honam that they are unable to restart. They also locate a matter transmitter that was not originally part of that ship. As the team is about to leave the spaceship, Tenga notices an old man walking through the spaceship as a ghost. The silhouette disappears through walls. Shortly thereafter, Zemina Paath is kidnapped and the transmitter is activated.

Rhodan determines the location of the receiver station in a nearby system on a planet called Copperworld. Zemina Paath's Paau tells Rhodan he needs to come inside itself and the two of them needs to go on the planet to rescue the young woman. Rhodan agrees, steps inside the mysterious suitcase shaped creature and they both take flight toward Copperworld.

The Paau drops off Rhodan at the surface and lets him know the kidnappers are holding the woman eight kilometers below the surface, and that Rhodan must proceede on his own. Entering ruins of an abandoned observatory, Rhodan makes contact with a human woman called Climba Ossy-Benk. She's initially distrustful of him but Rhodan gains his confidence and learns the story of that underground colony.

Three humans called Cappleshort, O'Donnell, and Spartakus, are running the colony as a triumvirate of dictators. All three have a cell activator from the Gemeni, which are all about to fail. They are being kept healthy by an Arra called Zanosh. They have convinced the colony of the existence of a Territble Triumvirate that is trying to destroy the colony, led by Perry Rhodan, Bostich, and Adam. Rhodan decides to end the charade and makes his way to the colony, but he's ambushed by Cappleshort and taken prisoner.

After a mock trial during which he's being questioned by the immortals, Rhodan manages to escape with the Paau's help. The colony rebels against its dictators, who are soon captured and ready to be tried. Climba Ossy-Benk thanks Rhodan for his help. Climbing back on the Paau to make his way toward the spaceship, Rhodan realizes that the mysterious creature has teleported him directly from the planet on the ship, as opposed to flying. The Paau informs Rhodan that once he's been somewhere, he can teleport back directly as long as it's within 300,000 kilometers.

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