3002 - Die Kriegsschule
The School of War
Michael Marcus Thurner

Tenga, a Sigan, is dispatched by Perry Rhodan to the Ladhon spaceship that just kidnapped Olubfans. The Sigan manages to infiltrate the pirate ship and starts gathering information. The ship, called POD-2202, is designed to train soldiers and the drills that officers are running are very tough. In order to help the soldiers perform, the Ladhons are using three different gases during the drills, called "On", which allows the soldiers to perform at a higher rate, "Off" to calm them down at the end of a drill, and "Clear" to help them recuperate.

Aboard his spaceship, the Schote, Tenga takes notice of a Ladhon recruit called Adh. During a drill, Tenga notices that a combat robot that Adh is fighting is about to explode and decides to rescue him. Adh soon reports to his commander, Nandh Nadhama, and to the POD-2202 captain, Bodh Aputhar, that an intruder is on the ship. Tenga accelerates his search and locates the Olubfans in a storage room. He makes contact with them and despite their initial skepticism, gains their trust. One of them suggests to Tenga that the reason why they were kidnapped is because the Ladhons want to find out more about their Organoids, an extra organ that the Cairans gave the Olubfans. Running out of time, Tenga sets up a series of explosions aboard the POD-2202 to initiate the escape.

Meanwhile, Perry Rhodan has been following the Ladhon ship with the Bjo Breiskoll. The crew detects the explosions on board and use this signal to send a shuttle to assist with the rescue. As the Olubfans are finally rescued and Rhodan reunites with Tenga, they notice the Ladhon spaceship is about to explode, and they decide to assist them. Shortly thereafter, Tenga receives a connection from Adh, who tells the Sigan that since he saved his life, he owes him a debt, but that he and the Ladhon people will fight the humans to death if they meet again.

Cedric Beust 2019-03-14

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