30 - Tifflor, der Partisan
Peril On Ice Planet
Kurt Mahr

The TERRA, the SOLAR SYSTEM and the STARDUST II , parked eight light-hours from the double star Béta Albiréo, detect the arrival of a powerful fleet. The C-6 auxiliary craft (Guppy) drops a destroyer loaded with material. It is piloted by Reginald Bell. Pucky teleports the goods from the destroyer into the underground cave on the planet Snowman where Julian Tifflor and his companions found shelter.

The Springer patriarch, Etztak, orders the shooting down of the destroyer but the SOLAR SYSTEM intervenes and permits the destroyer with Reginald Bell to flee.

Orlgans, who has been forced to call other Springers to help, brings his Terran prisoner, Leo Mouselet, on board the ETZ XXI. Mouselet is put under the psychoanalyzer and, as a result, his mind is destroyed. However, the Springers are unsuccessful in getting any information on the Planet of Eternal Life. The now mindless Mouselet is brought back on board the ORLA XI by one of the Springer guards. When the Springer guard begins his return trip to the ETZ XXI in a glider, Pucky teleports himself on board and, at gunpoint, has the Springer sneak him aboard Etztak’s flagship.

Several antigrav gliders of the Springers search for the Earthman on the frozen planet Snowman. Tifflor realizes that they are located and destroys several Springer gliders and kills their occupants. One Springer succeeds in escaping to give the alert.

On the ETZ XXI, Pucky searches for Etztak. He learns that the Springer patriarch is about ready to destroy the planet Snowman with Arkon bombs stored in the HORL VII. The mouse-beaver teleports back to the underground cave where the Earthman still are taking shelter. They dig a tunnel with their weapons in order to escape from the cave. When the Springers penetrate into the underground cave, explosives are detonated, burying the Galactic Merchants. Pucky seizes an antigrav glider. Tifflor and Hifield borrow the glider to reach the HORL VII in order to destroy it.

Etztak gives the order to go to a state of general alert.

Tifflor and Hifield enter the HORL VII and plant a bomb.

Pucky enters the ETZ XXI with Eberhardt. He obliges Etztak to put an end to the state of alert. He informs him of the presence of a bomb on the HORL VII. The ETZ XXI and the ORLA XI, along with the crew of the HORL VII, take flight in time before its explosion.

Pucky informs Marshall telepathically that the agents that Orlgans left on Earth are in fact robots.

Rhodan decides to depart the area in order to look for new weapons, leaving the TERRA and the SOLAR SYSTEM there to keep an eye on things in the Beta Albireo System.

Tifflor and his companion reach natural caves situated close to the equator and set up a new base of operations in one of them.

*Note: The title "Peril On Ice Planet" is the Ace Books American title. The German title is "Tifflor, the Partisan"

Michael Mahoney 2009-01-21

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