299 - Am Ende der Macht
At the End of a Power
William Voltz

Mirona Thetin arrives in the system of Luun and tells Atlan she needs to speak to him. First decided to send her back, Atlan accepts. The young woman tells him that she knows there are vital information on the technology used by the Masters of the Island on Tamanium, and that they should retrieve it as soon as possible. Since the Maahks won't allow the Terrans to land on the planet, Atlan and Mirona Thetin have to go there in secret.

Mirona tricks Atlan and paralyzes him. When he wakes up, she tells him that she is Faktor I, the leader of the Masters of the Island.

She explains to him that 20,000 years ago, thirteen Lemurians took control of the government. When six of them found out about her identity, she killed them. She possesses a device able to kill any of the other Masters instantly, explaining their devotion to her. Now she has one last chance to turn the tables : she is going back to Ear's past and she will destroy the Arkonid ship that started it all.

Thanks to his cell activator, Atlan recovers from his paralysis faster than Mirona Thetin thought and chases her throughout the station. She tries several times to convince him to join her and rule over the two galaxies, but Atlan refuses. After a long and perilous pursuit, Atlan eventually finds her as she is about to enter the transmitter. Since he can't use his radiant because of her individual protection field, he uses a spear he found in their museum of past races and hurts her. As she is about to die, he sees that she could have killed him at this last moment but she hesitated. She dies in his arms.

Atlan brings her dead body back and confronts Rhodan, who had found about the true identity of Mirona Thetin in between. Even though Atlan endangered the whole human race by his act, he cannot blame his long-time friend and the dead body of Faktor I is sent into space.

Cedric Beust

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