298 - Amoklauf der Schläfer
The Sleepers Run Amok
H.G. Ewers

The green skin being awakens and tells his story. His name is Tengri Lethos and he is a Hathor. 2.5 million years away, the Hathors conquered the oxigen worlds of Andromeda and started a rich and peaceful civilization. They became extinct after one million years. The remaining beings scattered away in foreign galaxies and used their spiritual force, the Sanskari, to pacify worlds. 80,000 years ago, there were twelve Hathors, also called Keepers of the Light, in Andromeda. Then beings from another continuum invaded Andromeda. The Hathors fought them back and eventually won, but only two of them remained alive. They gave birth to Tengri Lethos who was then placed into a stasis until he would find a female so that the Hathors do not disappear.

Pucky explains to Tengri the situation in Andromeda and the Hathor takes them on board with their ship. Then he heads back to the Luun system where Rhodan is busy trying to find another plan to break through Tamanium's defenses. Pucky introduces the Hathor to Rhodan who asks him for assistance. But Tengri refuses, saying he cannot intervene in this conflict.

Meanwhile, Omar Hawks has an idea : since it is not possible to rematerialize anything in the proximity of the red field protecting the planet, maybe they could send a ship there with fifty gigabombs on board, protected by a fake attack on the planet. The plan is executed and as soon as the small ship arrives near the field, the bombs are detonated. The northern part of the protection field collapses.

Terran forces are dropped on the planet and eventually conquer the fortress on Tamanium. Faktor II dies during the fights.

Cedric Beust

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