296 - Die Herrin der Sterne
The Mistress of the Stars
Kurt Mahr

A Terran spaceship patrolling along the border of the dark cloud detects distress signals. They rescue the ship only to realize that there is only one live being on board, a woman. Her name is Mirona Thetin and she is incredibly beautiful. She also turns out to be extremely despiseful and refuses to talk to anyone but the commandant. Atlan complies and immediately falls in love with her when he sees her. Then she tells her story.

She is the Tamrat of Sulvy, a solar system made of seven planets. Mirona and her people quickly developed a pure hatred toward the Masters of the Island and they started a resistance movement that grew very fast. The Masters of the Island caught wind of this rebellion and they kidnapped her in order to duplicate her and replace her with a docile duplicate. She was taken to Multidon but managed to escape. However, her ship was shot down and she barely managed to reach the border of the dark cloud, where the Terrans found her.

Atlan determines that she is not wearing a cell activator, therefore she is not a Master of the Island herself. What achieves to convince him is that she tells them of a threat about to strike the Earth, which she learned from her spy network. Psycho-emitters have been secretly transferred to the Earth. These emitters affect the brain of all live beings and turn them into raging animals. Animals with a low intelligence will be touched first, and then the others.

As a matter of fact, on the Earth, insects have started attacking humans and the first deaths are announced. Soon, birds and other pets start aggressing humans. Reginald Bull leads the investigation and his agents find one emitter. After analyzing it, they are able to locate them and quickly, all the psycho-emitters are destroyed.

Cedric Beust

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