295 - Der verlorene Planet
The Lost Planet
Clark Darlton

Thanks to the information supplied by Montra Matite before he died, Rhodan now knows that Multidon is 45,000 light years away from the South border of Andromeda, 5,000 light years inside the Forbidden Zone. Multidon is in the middle of a dark cloud making navigation within very dangerous. Redhorse, accompanied by the mutants, enters the dark cloud and heads for the assumed position of Multidon.

During the flight, Pucky is contacted by Harno, the mysterious energy sphere, which asks them to change the coordinates of their destination. Harno explains that the whole course of history would be changed if they didn't obey him, so the Terrans comply. Then the strange being vanishes. The exact location of Multidon is betrayed by a strong energetic arc between the planet and its sun. The environment of the dark cloud hiding their arrival, the Terrans land on Multidon and Pucky starts the Arkonid bomb, sealing the fate of the planet.

The mousebeaver detects familiar thought patterns and realizes that Proht Meyhet is the commandant of this base. Accompanied by Ras Tschubai and Tronar Woolver, he teleports in the main base and sabotages it with bombs, but the mutants are captured by psychic traps laid out by the Master of the Island. Only Pucky manages to escape. Then he tries once again to convince Meyhet to surrender and to release the mutants, but the Master refuses. As the destruction of the planet is progressing, Proht Meyet boards his ship with the two captured mutants and takes off, decided to take them to his superiors. But Ras and Tronar break free from the cage and the ship is quickly shot down, killing Faktor III.

Cedric Beust

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