292 - Der Bahnhof im Weltraum
The Train Station In Space
William Voltz


Under the attack of the Tefrodians, the twin suns of the Lost System have now melted to form a nova. Rhodan and his crew are now cut off from their home galaxy, but some hope springs when Atlan mentions the hypothese that maybe some Maahk interstellar bases are still present in the intergalactic void. These bases were used as relays when the Maahks left the Milky Way for the Andromeda galaxy 50,000 years ago.

Rhodan asks the Maahks for information about the assumed positions of such bases and then dispatches a whole fleet in the void in order to find them. While everyone assumes the base must have drifted after all this time, Redhorse is convinced that the Maahk engineers were advanced enough to be able to freeze their bases at a fixed location. He turns out to be right and locates one of these bases. He dispatches a corvette, led by Brazo Surfat, but before he can take any action, the base opens fire upon the unprotected ship and destroys it.

The corvette lands on the base only to find out that it has been taken over by far descendants of Maahks, who have come back to a barbaric state and are organizing ritual fights to gain the privilege to enter the main portion of the base. The situation is alarming for the Terrans, who are being helped by Grek-1: their oxygen supply (and methane for the Maahk) is running low and they need to find a supply. Grek-1 disappears on his personal quest, and the Terrans make contact with the primitives.

They quickly understand one of them will need to go through these ritual fights in order to gain access to the station. Redhorse decides to do it and wins almost all of his fights, but Surfat is forced to replace him for the last fight. Surfat will eventually die from his wounds but is victorious, allowing the Terrans to enter the core of the station.

Redhorse enters the forbidden section and eventually reaches the hypercom, only to find out that Grek-1 is already there. He says he already called Rhodan but that he intends to destroy him. Stunned, Redhorse realizes that Grek-1 has gone mad because of his lack of methane supply. With the help of one of the local prises, Redhorse manages to kill Grek-1 before he opens fire on the Terran fleet that has just shown up.

The stellar station is now in the Terran’s hands.

*Note - found this summary several years ago on an old internet site - http://www.ed.ac.uk/~geas?CYCLO/P/PR-292.sub.html - that no longer exists (same site that the previous short summaries in the "Master of the Island" cycle that Cedric had obtained came from)

Michael P. Mahoney 2007-09-11

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